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In Trace Of Christianity

Private Religious Tour in Istanbul | Byzantine (Christian) Relics

Christian Religious Tour By Luxury Istanbul

Given itinerary aims to inform you about the best options and not possible to visit in a day. If you wish to cover all mentioned highlights then we would recommend you to visit in two days. Otherwise please inform us about your preferences.

The Patriarchate at Fener, by the Golden Horn, is the heart of Orthodox Christianity. After Constantine the Great' s declaration of Christianity as the religion of Roman Empire, the capital was moved from Rome to Byzantium. With the conquest (1453) of Ottoman Empire the seat of Patriarchate remained in Istanbul. The structure includes the Patriarchal Cathedral Church of St. George.

Metal Church(St. Stephen of The Bulgars), which was totally made of cast iron in Austria, in the name of Saint Stephen, was brought to Istanbul by the river Danube and constructed in one night by the special permission of the Ottoman Sultan.  

Church Of Panagia Blachernae, the best known and most celebrated shrine of the Holy Virgin located near Golden Horn. Famed with the hagiasma (fountain of holy water), good to cure health problems, and the Hagion Lousma (sacred bath) good to clean the soul, where the emperor also came to purify himself.

St. Savior In Chora (Kariye museum), originally a Byzantine monastery, dedicated to Jesus Christ the Savior, survived with fantastic mosaics and frescoes, portraying scenes from the Bible, the life and miracles of Jesus. 

Church of Theotokos Pammacaristos(Fethiye camii), built in XI. century by John Comnenus, displaying the aesthetic refinement attained to Paleologan age, originally belonged to a convent of nuns. Housed the Patriarchate for a while after the conquest.

Zoodochos Pege at Balikli, dedicated to the Mother of God at Pege, with an underground cistern, full of gold fish related to a well-known miracle and the fountain of holy water, believed to cure many diseases, is one of the most celebrated shrines.

The monastic complex of Christ Pantocrator (Zeyrek) was one of the largest and best organized of the Byzantine period, comprising two churches and a funerary chapel, baths, a hospice for the aged, a hospital and a medical school, a hostel for travellers and a library. -from outside-

The Church of SS. Sergius and Bacchus, a landmark in Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture. Today it is known as the "Little Hagia Sophia" because its general plan is a precursor of Hagia Sophia. -from outside-

Hagia Sophia, for many centuries was the largest church of Christendom, dedicated to Divine Wisdom, an attribute of Christ. Hagia Sophia played an important role as emperors were crowned and many victories were celebrated in this remarkable building.

Hagia Eirene, the old patriarchal church with its impressive size stands next to Hagia Sophia. -from outside-

Tekfur Palace: As the only existing Byzantine palace and an example of the Byzantine architectural style, and it gives a fine idea of what the emperor's residence might have looked like in Byzantine times. This late Byzantine palace (Tekfur Sarayı, 'Emperor's Palace') dates from the late 12th or early 13th century. It was part of the larger Blachernae Palace complex, used as the imperial residence during the last days of the Byzantine Empire.

…the Mosaics Museum, the ruins of the Great Bucoleon Palace and Porphyrogenitus Palace ruins one of the few relatively intact examples of late Byzantine secular architecture in the World and the Theodocian city walls at Edirne Kapi

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Kariye Museum (St. Savior in Chora) and Fethiye Museum (St. Mary Pammacaristos) on Wednesday

Important Notice: If you wish to skip or replace any of the mentioned sites above please feel free to ask. Some optional churches you would like to visit Saint Esprit Cathedral (Roman Catholic Church St esprit has been a destination of several papal visits to Turkey), St. Anthony of Padua Church (the largest Catholic church in Istanbul), The Crimea Memorial Church
(Beyoğlu's Anglican church also known as Christ Church), Basilica of St John of Studius (Imrahor Camii - the oldest church in Istanbul, erected in 454AD)

Please ask for price quotation.


- Licensed professional guide in English or other preferred language for all -sightseeing
- Air-conditioned luxury vehicle with a professional driver 
- 18% VAT tax


- Entrance fees to museums and donations 

- Lunch & Beverages
- Any items not specifically mentioned as included 
- Items of a personal nature
- Gratuities to guide / driver

If however, our wide range of itineraries do not suit your needs, we are flexible to offer tailor-made itineraries to our clients upon request. Depending on your group size, we can arrange private tours in Istanbul; vans, coaches or luxury vehicles to suit all needs.

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