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Turkey Scuba Diving Tour

Where the sea of Marmara meets the Aegean sea, you'll find some of the best diving in the world.

Daily Scuba Diving in Bodrum

Bodrum offers excitement and crystal clear waters for divers from all levels. And Our Team is ready to take you there: the beauty of the deep yet to be discovered!

With our experienced staff, wide range of top-of-the-line equipment, and our boat that is equipped for safety and comfort; your diving pleasure is guaranteed. 

Not a Diver Yet? Want to try?

Now you can discover scuba diving with our one day special offer.

Discover Scuba Diving is for those who have always wanted to dive but didn't have the chance yet.

No equipment and no previous experience required. 

Non-divers are also welcome as we have plenty of sunbeds aboard.

Diving Spots in Turkey
Scuba diving is widespread on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, yet there are only 50,000 registered one-star (beginner) scuba divers in Turkey. The number of three-star training instructors and course directors is only eleven. The Turkish Underwater Federation was founded in 1980. The important thing to remember is to consult with the diving centers and instructors having a certificate of authorization from the Federation. Otherwise, this fascinating sport can cause bad consequences. The Daily Hürriyet Newspaper formed a jury composed of teachers, divers and underwater photographers, who determined the best 10 diving points of Turkey. The Underwater Federation will apply to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to have these places included among the places where hunting is prohibited.

Uçan Balık, Kaş
Uçan Balık (Flying Fish) is between Meis Island and Kaş and is a deep diving point. It is famous for grouper fish at a depth of 30-35 meters. A three-motor Italian reconnaissance plane wreck lies at 65 meters. The underwater range of visibility is always 30 meters and above. It is a difficult point with a current, so it is suitable only for experienced divers.

Büyük Resif (Great Reef), Bodrum
It is advantageous to be on the first diving boat because the water is clear in the early hours of the day. All kinds of Aegean fish swim together in harmony. Grouper, lear fish, dentex and morray are the permanent guards of the area. Sometimes migrant fish from the Red Sea visit the point. It has a well-preserved reef. Kargı Island, Bodrum is also a neighboring diving point bearing similar underwater characteristics.

Afkule, Fethiye
It is among the best cliff-diving points of Turkey. There is a 70-meter fissure going downwards from the surface along the cliff. It is recommended that you watch the sky toward the surface from the cave. If you are lucky, this is a special area where you can meet underwater livings of all sizes.

Delimehmet, Ayvalık
Ayvalık is an area satisfying even the most capricious diver with dozens of islands and diving points. Deli Mehmet, Kerbela and Ezher Bey reefs offer a visual feast from the sea towards the surface. Red coral called Gorgonia is the specialty of this area. It is possible to see sea bream shoals, conger eels, morray, spiny lobsters, rockling, grouper and octopus in every dive. You can take photos of various lifeforms at the reef.

The wrecks of the Sakarya and of an English cargo ship are the favorite diving points in Kalkan. When diving along a canyon-like fissure, you can reach these wrecks where all sorts of fish have nested. The wrecks are between 15 and 65 meters deep. The area is also rich in underwater flora. It is among the rare places where divers of all levels can dive.

3 Adalar, Tekirova
Access from the coast is easy, but there are two disadvantages: sometimes the visibility range is low, and it is always crowded as it is the only scuba-diving point in the area. In addition to various fish, it is famous for soft corals. You can meet some groupers who saved their lives from the harpoons. 3 Adalar is among the favorite spots for local and foreign divers.

Bebek and Minnoş rock islets, Saros
Saros Bay is close to Istanbul and is an ideal diving place to escape to on weekends without hindering your business. Accommodation is available with shelters, hotels and camping areas. The rocks are the most colorful cliffs of Turkey, and it is possible to meet spinny lobsters or baby lobsters in all of the cavities at depths of 30-40 meters. It is rich with red starfish, whelks, morray and scorpion fish.

Sivriada, Istanbul
Most people think it is not a good place to dive due to the polluted and cool water and the diminished varieties of life of the Marmara Sea. However, the point called "67 Taşı" (Stone of 67) on the southeast of Siviriada is very popular with its diving profile without a current and the number of dives per year. There are many amphoras around.

Kocadağ, Gökova
When you dive at any point in Gökova, you should keep in mind that you are diving into the sea with the most beautiful "blue" color. This feeling reaches its peak at the skirts of Kocadağ. The depth is 200 meters in front of the headland. As you dive along the cliff, you meet every kind of sea anemone, spinny lobsters, shellfish and sponge of the Aegean Sea. In October, tuna fish of 8-10 kilos visit the bay. Moreover groupers, the symbol of the Aegean Sea, live in almost all cavities.

Hisarönü, Datça
When you head towards Simi Island of Greece, west of Atabol Lighthouse at Hisarönü Bay, the depth reduces to 15-20 meters. This shallow area is a circle with a diameter of one kilometer. The outer parts combine with sand at 45-50 meters depth and then go ahead to deeper areas. The upper parts are sandy with stones. Since it is in the middle of the sea, the water is very clear and the visibility range is long. The underwater life is still very rich since the area is not very popular. The specialty of the point is that blotched picarels gather here in big shoals for spawning in April and May. The disadvantage of the spot is that diving is possible only in windless weather and when the sea is calm.

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Daily Scuba Diving Bodrum Includes

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Transportation in a fully air-conditioned coach
Professional English-speaking tour guide
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