Pamukkale The Natural Wonder

Tour Code: 182220182227
Tour Activity H (High)

Journey to a land where the most attractive natural wonders, romantic landscapes and the charm of antiquity are experienced. (By Plane)

Specially curated for Luxury Istanbul’s discerning guests.

Tour Feature: Nature, Romance, History, Culture
Eligible For: Activity level can be modified (Please ask for disabled traveler)
Highlights: Hierapolis antique city, white, castle-like cascades
Duration: 04:45am-10:00pm (Suggested tour duration, can be modified)
Suggested Flights: 07:30am (from Istanbul) & 08:40am (lands to Denizli A.)
07:40pm (from Denizli) & 08:50pm (lands to Istanbul A.)
On Request: Bathe in waters once savored by Cleopatra

Catch a morning flight to the dazzling travertines of Pamukkale, a natural wonder at the bottom of the ancient city, where you can experience romance and history together. After visiting the ancient city of Hierapolis then enjoy strolling in warm waters and reward yourself by applying creamy healing mud to your body.





Best Time to Visit

  • Jan °C 5.8
  • Feb °C 5.5
  • Mar °C 7.3
  • Apr °C 11.2
  • May °C 15.7
  • Jun °C 20.5
  • Jul °C 22.9
  • Aug °C 23.4
  • Sep °C 19.9
  • Oct °C 15.8
  • Nov °C 11.0
  • Dec °C 7.8
  • Lower
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